Tender writing services: Level 2

Pre-tender opportunity review service

If you are unsure of whether to proceed with a tender and want to explore the opportunity without the commitment of time and money in developing a full tender, let Healthcare Together review this for you.  At Healthcare Together our experienced professionals can assess the opportunity and highlight the potential or risks associated.

This service includes:

  • Review of the proposed tender to understand the feasibility and viability of the service
  • Development of a summary report detailing:
    • Benefits
    • Drawbacks
    • Potential risks

PQQ and tender writing service

Working with your company our dedicated bid manager and writer will craft the responses required for the submission providing full support and advice along the way. The service includes:

  • Review of all relevant documentation to understand the opportunity, its objectives and the scoring and weighting assigned
  • Review of the questions and scoping of the responses to truly address your unique selling points
  • Development of the submission through regular contact with your company in order to make your bid both compelling and tailored to meet the commissioners needs

As no two tender opportunities are the same, Healthcare Together need to review the bid documentation so we can provide a free of charge affordable quote. For more information or to discuss your requirements don’t hesitate to contact us.

Tender review service

If you are happy to write the tender yourself and require one of our professionals to review and proof read your work this service is for you. This service includes:

  • Reviewing your tender with the bid documentation
  • Providing feedback with suggestions for improvement- particular attention will be paid to the scoring system and how its rated and ensuring the questions within the document have been answered fully
  • Proof reading and checking for spelling and grammatical errors including the use of  the English language and technical language
  • Review of style, presentation and layout to ensure it is easy for the evaluation team to read

Post submission support

If you require any support post submission for example drafting a presentation, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.