Tender scanning services: Level 1

Tender scanning service*

As a demonstration of the PSNC and NPA’s commitment, Healthcare Together has secured a free tender scanning service. This service is designed to be advantageous for you and will:

  • Save you time and effort from using numerous portals to look for opportunities in your locality
  • Make you aware of potential opportunities within your area and region
  • Provide a strategic overview across the region

This tender scanning service monitors tendering opportunities on your behalf and will provide email alerts to your LPC email address which:

  • Are regionalised, based on your LPC region providing awareness of services being commissioned in your locality
  • Provide high level information about the opportunity such as:

– Service outline

– Commissioner’s details

– Portal address

Your LPC email address has already been registered. However, where you have a LPC supported provider company register today so we can add you to the mailing list.

*This service does not replace your local knowledge. It is there to compliment it and uses information from both national and local portals which may not show all the smaller opportunities.