Support for business set up: Level 1

Provision of Memorandum of Understanding

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) should be used between your LPC and the provider company. It is a formal agreement between the two parties to establish an official partnership working and sets out the relationship between the two organisations wishing to work together to meet the agreed objective.

We can provide a template which can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisations.

Provision of Memorandum and Articles of Association

Before proceeding to company formation, these documents need to be developed and are part of the submission for registration with Companies House. They are not easily amended, once the company has been incorporated.

We can provide a template and advice about completing it which can be adapted to meet the needs of your locality.

Provision of loan agreement

At the start of every business, it is essential that money is available to pay the setup costs and become established. A company or a director may wish to loan the provider company an amount of money to get started and it is really important that this in the correct way. We provide the legal documents for you to ensure this is done correctly. What we do:

  • Provide a template loan agreement for your company
  • Agreement can then be tailored to suit your needs with the insertion of all the relevant details regarding the loan
  • Provide a space holder on the agreement for your signatures from the relevant parties once your loan agreement has been tailored

(Once your loan agreement has been tailored, you may want to show a solicitor your agreement)